Act 1:

Refined Steel’s latest album Authority is following on from the events at the end of Within These Walls – Epilogue. Gordon Marks the author now steps away from his previous novel ‘Within These Walls’ and starts to focus on his next book. He chooses to write about a jazz pianist, Howard Mills, based on his wife Diane’s love for jazz and her regular trips to the local jazz club. Howard Mills himself despite being a common performer at the jazz club has very little else going on with his life and suffers because of this. He has no other hobbies or interest and gets very lonely. Gordon and Diane declare their love for each other just before introduces Howard as a character in his story. Howard sings to his audience in the jazz club with a confident attitude, but often slips into his natural self where he seems to be much more apparent, but no audience members see the truth behind Howard’s stage performance. After completing his latest chapter Gordon then plans his next chapter with a big twist, yet first decides to take a nap. Whilst Gordon’s wife is out in town at the local jazz club, Gordon’s rival author and old friend, Douglas Carter, approaches the Marks’ house. With a plan to break into the house and steal Gordon’s newest book and ideas, Douglas uses a brick to smash a window. Gordon wakes at the sound and confronts Douglas. After arguing they break out into a fight which results in Gordon calling the police. As the police arrest Douglas and take him away, Douglas curses Gordon and his work in progress for eternity. Gordon shrugs off Douglas’s curse and mocks Douglas for his failed attempt at trying to rob him. Gordon then decides to sit down and carry on writing his novel. Despite Gordon and Diane sharing a very romantic relationship, Diane noticed that over time, Gordon’s love for his book seems to overpower his love for her. Down at the local club, Diane thinks about how she finds comfort in coming to the jazz club and how she feels like she’s losing Gordon and not getting any attention from him. Meanwhile in Gordon’s novel, Howard is performing yet another jazz number, dreaming about how he wished things could be. The curse then gets put into place as Diane notices Howard on stage and starts to see his presence as a sign of a new chance at love. Howard also sees Diane in the audience and notices how she seems to be looking at him and starts to think if he has a chance to try and get with her. Suddenly, some of the club staff scream about a fire that’s just broken out due to an arson attack and the whole place turns chaotic. In a mad rush, Howard manages to save Diane and the escape through the rear fire exit. As they both narrowly escape the burning building they quickly fall in love with each other both finally finding that love that they’ve been searching for.

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*Gordon’s study*

So here I am, I’m sitting at my desk,
I’m writing my new novel, this is my next important text.
It’s about a man named Howard, and he is not a social man,
He doesn’t have a job but he’s plays in a jazz band.

He sits and plays the piano, his life’s in black and white,
He just keeps to himself, for most of the time,
But he’s a man of many talents, and he is quite a charming one,
There’s lots of greatness in his future, the story’s only just begun.

How I came with the idea, for the story of this man,
Was based on my relationship, with my wife Diane,
She has a keen interest, in listening to jazz,
So I wrote about a musician, and that is all he has.

Howard is a lonely sort he doesn’t know what love is,
A fragile man who wishes he could be just like the masses.
A man who doesn’t have much, he just gets by every day,
He won’t abandon the club that he plays in, though he might just fade away.

Fade Away,
Oh Fade Away.

Starting this book, I can’t wait, to see how it will all turn,
Out there, is my world, that I’ve created, a universe of my,
Own views are printed on pages inside this master-,
Pieces of my life are scattered throughout this book I will,
Make it the greatest, that was ever made, ever written be,
For I am Gordon, the author, the man behind it all.
Behind it all,
Behind it all,
Behind it all,
Behind it all,
Behind it all.

*Marks’ House*

My Diane, so full of beauty,
With eyes of Pearls,
And Diane, the life that flows through me,
You’re all my world.

I first saw you, instantly knew, what would be,
Our direction, the connection realised.
Now we are one, in our home, I still see,
The affection and perfection in your eyes.

You’re always there,
When I cry,
Your love that cares,
And sooths my mind.

You’re my man, the only one that has me,
Until we grow old,
And you know, that you’ll never lose me,
You’re all my world.

It always seems, that we’ve been together,
Our fusion, the conclusion of our lives.
I want you to know, that this will go on forever,
No seclusion or exclusion will arrive.

You’re always there,
When I cry,
Your love that cares,
And sooths my mind.

All those times, that we share will warm me,
When I am cold,
Don’t you cry now, when you miss me, because,
Here I am, with the love sworn by me,
You’re all my world.

My Diane, so full of beauty,
With eyes of Pearls,
And Diane, the life that flows through me,
You’re all my world.

You’re my man, the only one that has me,
Until we grow old,
And you know, that you’ll never lose me,
You’re all my world.

My Diane,
You’re all my world.

You’re my man,
You’re all my world.

*Jazz Club*

Good evening everybody,
And welcome to the club,
We hope that you enjoy the night,
So, grab yourself a buddy,
To the dance floor all come up,
And take a step into the light.
You can buy drinks at the bar,
And listen to our tunes,
Just have a chilled night out,
The jazz band that we are,
Will play throughout the room.

My name is Howard Mills,
The piano I do play,
I hope you like what I do,
It hardly pays the bills,
But I do it anyway,
To try and wash away those blues,
I may be kind of lonely,
But that won’t bring me down,
As long as I have a voice,
Because I am the one and only,
Jazz pianist in this town.

Now you’re all nice and comfy,
Just sit back and relax,
We’ll take you all on a journey,
Just let your minds come see,
And we’ll open up the cracks,
It’ll be a great discovery.
The music takes you places,
You’ve never seen before,
So please enjoy the ride,
The looks on all your faces,
Tells me that you want more.

You might see me as a big star,
You might see me as a pro,
Quite a popular and well-known guy,
From the truth you couldn’t be further,
Because I’m on my own,
That persona that a have is a lie,
I’m usually by myself,
I tend to be left alone,
I’m not what you’d call sociable,
Like a toy left on a shelf,
Or a house that isn’t a home.

*Gordon’s Study*

Now that’s done, it has begun,
Of Howard’s story, ready for the,
Next chapter, will which capture,
The heart of Howard, as he falls in,
Love for now, I’ll put this down,
Return tomorrow, let the ink flow,
I’ve done, my best, it’s time to rest,
I’ll leave my story, carry it on when I awake.

*Outside Gordon’s House*

I see Gordon’s writing a new book,
I’ve got to try and get a look,
To take his ideas for myself,
And I will show nobody else.
I want to be the best writer,
I’ll need to be a survivor,
Write this book as if it were mine,
But first I’ll need to get inside.

My name is Douglas Carter,
No longer will I play the Martyr,
I will rise above Gordon Marks,
And I will take all of his works.
About this time his wife’s in town,
And no one else will be around,
This brick with smash through his window,
I’ll just take his book and then I’ll go.

*Inside Gordon’s House*

He’s broke into my house, what’s happening?
I can’t quite believe it, it’s maddening!
I’m sure there is no doubt, just what he needs,
Steal my book and ideas, this robbery.

I’ve got inside but he’s seen me,
It’s too late now for me to flee,
He’ll have to face all of my might,
He’s gonna have to put up a fight.
Douglas stop, you can’t you do this,
I won’t let you take my work.
Just get lost, if you persist,
I’ll throw you into the dirt.
You’ve bested me for the last time,
I’ll take your book and make it mine.
Your spotlight days are all over,
You’re just a pathetic poser.
It’s not like you I’ll call the cops,
I think that you’ve been drinking.
You break into my house for what?
I don’t know what you’re thinking.

I’m calling the police and they will get you,
You’re stuck in it now, nothing you can do.
*On phone to the police*
Come quick for it is an emergency,
You need to catch this man for robbery.

I’ll go to prison and I’ll do my time,
But I’m not the only one who’ll commit a crime.
You’re not just my rival you’re my enemy,
I curse you and your book for eternity.
Just look how it turns out your little scheme,
A villain behind bars is what you’ll be,
You see that I have the authority,
This will be the end of your robbery.

*Jazz Club*

I’m back in this place that I love,
I come here almost, every day,
It seems that I can’t get enough,
You’ll find it hard to take, me away.
I gotta get away from the house,
He’s just too obsessed, with his book.
I want him to think of me now,
But he just doesn’t see me, or look.

I’m back onstage, back in the night,
Illuminated by the moonlight,
The double bass, the clean guitars,
The music carries me through the stars.
I want to ride, on silver clouds,
Souring the waves of cheering crowds,
I want to be big, want to be known,
Still I’m on my own.

The look of that man on the stage,
He seems exactly, like my type,
We both look like a similar age,
But I can’t get with him, that’s not right.
I just wish I had a man who loved me,
Something I’m not sure, Gordon can do,
But he’s the best-looking guy I can see,
Just there in the spotlight, who knew?

I see this light, shine through the black,
From a woman sitting at the back,
She looks at me, those eyes of pearls,
The most stunning woman in all of the world.
I start to think, I have a chance,
Try to get her up here to dance,
I wonder if, she sees me too,
Oh what to do?

Club Staff:

*Outside the Jazz Club*

Only just got out, with our lives,
I was driven by this, strange feeling,
Inside my gut,
Moment passed but,
Don’t mistake the
Fact the flames feel,
Hotter than the sun, my heart is,
Racing like I’ve run, forever,
Hope that you’re safe,
Out of that place,
Holding your hand,
Pupils expand,

Looking into your eyes,
This is my life succeeded,
Because you are all I needed.
Where have you been all my life?
Love is nothing I’ve exceeded,
Cos I’ve found that all I needed was you.

You just saved my life, my hero,
Look into my eyes and tell me,
That it’s ok,
To feel this way,
I can’t help but,
Fall straight in love,
You are Howard Mills, the artist,
Risking what you have, just for me,
Hold me closer,
‘til this is over,
I need to see,
Just what we’ll be.

Looking into your eyes,
This is my life succeeded,
Because you are all I needed.
Where have you been all my life?
Love is nothing I’ve exceeded,
Cos I’ve found that all I needed was you.

You are all I’ve ever wanted,
Just what I’ve been waiting for the,
Love of my life,
You to be mine,
You’re my suitor,
And my future.
Howard please stay close, I need you,
Give me all these things I have missed,
You’re my man now,
I don’t know how,
We haven’t met,
Before this threat.

Looking into your eyes,
This is my life succeeded,
Because you are all I needed.
Where have you been all my life?
Love is nothing I’ve exceeded,
Cos I’ve found that all I needed was-

You can take all my time,
The words that I say are pleaded,
Because you are all I needed.
I want you to be mine,
Your love won’t be unheeded,
Cos I’ve found that all I needed was you.



Act 2:

As Gordon finishes the chapter, he starts to enter his own arrogant and stuck up ways, and pictures how this new book of his will be a big seller. He ironically claims that all his work is his own doing and completely forgets about the fact that Douglas cursed his work. Gordon in his excited state gets straight back to work. Gordon writes about Howard sitting in his apartment just contemplating exactly what just happened, his feelings all over the place. Diane then returns home and told Gordon about the fire and to Gordon’s surprise he realised that it completely matches up with what happened in his story. Gordon tries to comfort Diane but she pushes him aside and ignores him. Diane then goes back to Howard whilst Gordon sits down with his novel again. Gordon then starts to consider what happened and then in his book writes the next chapter about Howard seeking revenge on the people who attacked the club. Gordon then notices that Howard’s action made the news and he finally works out that everything he is writing in his book is happening in real life. He realises he is writing his own wife’s affair on himself. Howard then in his own apartment starts asking questions about the events surrounding him and he feels as though someone else or a greater force seems to be controlling him. Gordon’s anger on himself becomes apparent through the behaviour of Howard. Reflecting on his mistake, Gordon writes in his novel that he will spend one final night with Diane. Diane gives Gordon that love for one last time as they share this valuable time together before Gordon changes everything. Gordon then sits down at his desk and writes his final chapter. He writes that Howard and Diane will meet up together and then Gordon writes down that he will kill Howard. Just as he wrote it in the book, Howard and Diane meet up at an abandoned church almost predicting their own fate, Gordon then appears and shoots Howard, killing him. A year later, Gordon is in prison reflecting on how everything turned out, but oblivious to the fact that Diane was pregnant with his son. A music box plays and slows down to which the story ends with Diane wishing her son Oliver good night.

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