Fill (Philip Shaw, born 12th December, 1995) was surrounded by music as a child, learning piano at age 5, and the trumpet at 9 years. Fill first picked up a guitar a 12 years old and has yet to put it down ever since. With his guitar he ventured into the world of Rock and Metal music and by the time he was 14, formed a high school band under the name of Random Weekend. After 3 strong years, Random Weekend split up, and not long after, Refined Steel was created.

From there on, Fill Shaw pursued his own musical journey as a solo musician and multi-instrumentalist, through new influences such as Progressive Rock. With a love of the genre, and concept albums, Fill started to create his own world of music and has big plans to expand it in the near future.

    Random Weekend

Refined Steel Grainy



Refined Steel was created in 2013 a few months after Random Weekend disbanded. Using the material Fill Shaw wrote in the band he started recording his own solo work at home. Initially starting working on genres of rock and metal, but later began to develop ideas on a massive progressive rock concept album project.

The name Refined Steel comes from the idea of being cultured, smart, and elegant, symbolised by the tie, contrasted with the rock and metal background of Fill Shaw's musical influences. Refined Steel represents these themes and the logo represents that. In addition, Refined Steel is also a type of purified Steel.



Within These Walls was the first big project that was created by Refined Steel and is the shape of many of his future releases. Kick starting the story in his own created universe, Within These Walls represents the mind and innovation behind the musician and opens the door to many more works and ideas.

Fill Shaw started at Falmouth University in 2014, on the BA(Hons) Creative Music Technology course. He learnt about music production and the musical industry and honed his skills in recording and mixing which helped his ambitions and compositions. He graduated in 2017 with a second class honours.

Refined Steel has plans for many more concept albums and rock operas, all of which will be set in the same universe as each other. Creating a world of music with powerful narratives and emotional and deeper meaning, Refined Steel has big hopes for the future of his work.