Back in Business?

Yes, I am finally back, after over a year of basically nothing, and starting with a bit of lyrics writing and vocal recording! Slow progress, but getting there, Authority Act 2 has been a pain and drawn out far too long so I apologise about that! IN ADDITION, I have also made a couple of […]

Long Time, No Hear

I must apologise for being so quiet the past year, progress has been very slow and many other big changes have happened in my life. Starting full-time work, moving out of my parents house. A lot of things have been taking up my time and this website has been left for quiet a while. However, […]

Refined Steel Back To Work

After taking a couple of months of, finishing university, relaxing, graduating and contemplating my next move, I am finally back to focusing on my music. Still very slow steps at the moment, just added a little bit of Bass to Track 3 of Act 2 of Authority. I am also trying to clean up areas […]

Authority Album Cover

Authority now has an album cover! It shows the desk of the author Gordon Marks’ who is the main character in the story. You can view the album cover either through the ‘ALBUMS’ page, the ‘AUTHORITY’ page, or ‘VIDEOS’ –> ‘ALBUMS/SONGS’. The photo was taken by Natasha Girard.

Authority Anouncement

Refined Steel is currently working on Authority, the next album to come out, and a sequel to Within These Walls. With a deadline on the 27th April, and a showcase in the week from 6th-10th May, Refined Steel hopes to have the album completed and uploaded by then. What is already known about the album […]

Refined Steel Website Launch

Refined Steel has finally launched a website! This is the first post of hopefully many discussing updates and news on Refined Steel, album progress, what’s going on behind the scenes, photos/videos, events, etc.   There will be plenty more things to come in the future, as now much of the website is still in development.